Honda Civic 4th Generation Sedan EF 'Grand Civic' (1988-1991)

Honda Civic Fourth Generation 4-door Sedan EF Photos Gallery

The 4th Gen Honda Civic produced in 1987, 1988, 1989 - 1991. There is a Grand Civic LX for its 4-door sedan and Honda Civic Nouva for its 3-door hatchback. The Civic 3-doors was pretty popular at the time, but the four-door type also became popular especially for parents or family. The basic design seems to have cleaned up the third generation. It use the 1.5 L SOHC engine that came in a wide variety of models, dual-point injection, single carbureted and dual carbureted. This car was fitted with an optional glass sunroof. The highest grade is 36i and the engine is the SOHC version of ZC. It was offered with 14 inch tire only. The sedan had a feeling of upgrading from Civic Wonder 4-door, and received a pretty good impression.

Honda Civic 4th Generation Sedan (EF) 1989 - White
Picture of 1989 Honda Civic 4th Gen (EF) Sedan - 35M in White color.

Civic 4 door sedan 35 XT (1500 cc, 4 AT) Specs

Body Size: Length 4230 mm × Width 1690 mm × Total Height 1360 mm
Wheel base : 2500 mm, weight of car 990 kg (AT with sunroof)
Engine series : 4 cylinder 1 cam 4 valve SOHC twin cab
100 ps / 6300 rpm, 12.8 kg / 4500 rpm
Compression ratio 9.2v
Suspension 4 Wheel Double Wishbone
Front only With stabilizer
Steering hydraulic power steering
Minimum turning radius 4.9 m
Brake front ventilated disk
After drum
Tire Size: Yokohama ASPEC A 349, 175/65 R14 82 H

1990 Honda Grand Civic LX Engine
1990 Honda Grand Civic LX Engine Bay Picture

Honda Civic 4th Gen. Sedan Engine

The sedan with type 35L / 35M / 35X / 35X extra / RTX / RTX extra equipped with a 1.5 L engine, 36i/RTi equipped with a 1.6 L engine, the shuttle is a 55 X / 55 X extra / RTX / RTX extra, 1.6 It was a lineup of 56i / RTi with L engine. Meanwhile, the professional was equipped with a 1.3 L engine and was a mono grade setting with no grade name.

Honda Grand Civic 4-door Sedan Pictures

Honda Civic 4th Gen 36i JP-spec sedan EF 1987-88
Photos of Honda Civic 4th Gen 36i JP-spec sedan EF 1987-88
1988 Honda Civic 35XT EF sedan exterior in black color
JDM spec - 1988 Honda Civic 4th Gen 35XT EF Sedan - exterior in Black color

Honda Grand Civic 1990 interior
Honda Grand Civic 1990 interior photos
Honda Civic 4th Gen 4-door Sedan EF dashboard
Picture of Honda Civic 4th Gen Sedan EF Dashboard / Front Panel
Honda Civic 4th Generation EF Sedan trunk space
Image of Honda Civic 4th Generation EF Sedan Trunk Space

Honda Grand Civic LX SH4 1989 Black
Photo of 4th Generation Honda Civic LX SH4 1989 - Solid Black

Four Wheel Double Wishbone Suspension System

I think that the newly developed double wishbone was adopted in this Civic which is a popular car at the end and many people were surprised.

There are several advantages of double wishbone, but two important points are two.
One is that the elements of alignment control can be set independently. Another is that you can not use the damper and spring units for wheel support and direction control = you can use the damper only for the original purpose of "absorbing shock". Of course, because of its structure it is possible to lower the hood and lower the center of gravity, but if roughly divided, the above two are great advantages.

In general, the double wishbone tends to have a large minimum turning radius, but the EF Civic also has a long wheel base of 2,500 mm, so that the offset tie rod makes it possible to pull the tire inward when the steering wheel is largely cut. This is a technique even adopted by Legend.

And it is famous that the shape of the double wishbone of Honda is very different from that of other manufacturers, but this Civic is also so. Double wishbone on the rear wheel also has a strange shape.... Looking at it, two are installed parallel to the front and rear ends of the long trailing arm. At first glance this does not look like a double wishbone ....

Honda Civic RTi Limited 4WD Sedan EF 1988-89 red
Photo of 1988-1989 Honda Civic RTi Limited 4WD Sedan (EF) in red paint color.
Honda Civic Si Sedan EF 1989-1991
Picture of Honda Grand Civic Si Japan-Spec Sedan (EF) Black (09.1989–08.1991)

In September 1991 full model change was implemented, and we moved to the fifth generation model. So, what do you think about this fourth generation Honda Civic EF Sedan?